1:1 Consultation & Treatment

Through Therapeutic Reflexology we look at the whole body and lifestyle, such as eating - sleeping - medication - breathing - supplementation.

Health Analysis

80% of illness and disease are self inflicted, through our lifestyles. Let us assist you to get to know your body better and understand what is happening.

Balanced Body & Mind

The only way to have a forfilled life is to balance the mind and the body to have optimal life performance and enjoyment. This is possible through a combination of Reflexology sessions and our workshops.

Group Sessions

Via our interactive workshops, we open up discussion so you can see you are not alone with some issues and see how we help you to resolve the blockages in your life.

Online Analysis or Consultation

Cannot get to me. Lets do it Online

Public Speaking

Lets help your audiance to take something home to have a healthier live both mind and body


  • 1 Hour Chuck your Junk Workshop
  • Tools to help you cope with day-to-day stress
  • Monthly workshops
  • What to expect - Candle Meditation, Balloon Release, Relaxing Breathing Technique, Sing Along Song, Movie Watching
  • Great for Woman, Men & Teens
  • Special to be announced for other workshops

CYJ Workshop

  • 6 Hour Chuck Your Junk workshop
  • Weekly inspiration, tips, laughter and lots more
  • Interaction - Awaken Inner Silence, Nat. Vit.D Boost, Grounding, Burning release, Tea Tranquility, Breathing Techniques, Complimenting Exercise, Affirmations, Nat. Face Lifting
  • Extras incl. - Workbook, Reflexology voucher, C-Beads, Light Lunch
  • Graduates of the 1 Hour Workshop

Hour to Empower Session

  • 1 Hour group session
  • 3 Times per week
  • Includes - Meditation, Affirmations, Visualizations, Scribing, Mirror Moments, Love & Appreciation minutes.
  • Get personal, guided assistance.
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