The ideal result I’m committed to and why we don’t get what we want – we get what we are committed to!

Write down specific, extraordinary result or outcome, one that challenges me and will significantly improve my life and one I’m ready to commit to creating.

Example – I’m committed to doubling my income in the next 12 months from R to R so that I can provide financial security for my family.

Example – I’m 100% committed to loosing … and weighing ….kg by ….date so that I have more energy for actions to take my business to the next level.

Action – clarify the specific action, activity or habit that is required for me to achieve my ideal outcome and say when and how often. I will execute the necessary action.

Example – to ensure that I double my revenue in profit, I’m committed to doubling my daily prospecting calls from 20 – 40 calls 5 days per week between 8h00 – 9h00am, no matter what.

Example – to ensure that I lose … I’m 100% committed to going to the gym 5 d.p.w. and running on the treadmill for 20min. each day, between 6 am and 7 am.

The more specific the actions. The clearer the programming will be and you consistently take the actions required to move you closer to your goals.

Be sure to include: frequency [how often], quantity [how many], precise time frames, when I will begin and end, the activity!

Recite it every morning with emotion – excitement/determination. AFFIRMATIONS FOR EVERY SIGNIFICANT AREA OF YOUR LIFE – finance, health, happiness, relationships, parenting.

UPDATE them as you reach them!!

  1. I’m just as worthy, deserving and capable of achieving my ideal outcome, as any other person on earth and I will prove that today with my actions.
  2. Where I am is a result of who I was, where I go depends entirely on who I choose to be, starting today.
  3. I leave every person I speak to, better than I found them because I genuinely care about what is happening in their lives and I’m not afraid to give them an honest compliment. Whether they say yes or no to working with me, they are glad they spoke to me.
  4. Building my business isn’t about me and about what I want, but it is about connecting with my customers/prospects/my team to find out what’s important to them and then matching my product/opportunity to meet their wants and needs.
  5. Remember that people buy products or join companies based on emotion and how they feel, so my job isn’t to convince a prospect that they can’t’ live without my product or that they must come to work in my business today.
  6. My intention is to paint a compelling picture through words and stories, to get them emotionally engaged in the experience of owning my product and joining my team. I will make it fun and exciting for them to say, Yes!
  7. One of the true secrets to success as an entrepreneur is to be committed to my process without being emotionally attached to my results.
  8. I cannot always control my daily results, but as long as I follow through with my process, that produces those results the law of averages, will always play out and my results will take care of themselves.
  9. I commit to making a min of R number of …..Mon – Fri, between ….am – ….am no matter what.
  10. I view my team/customers and prospects as valuable friends and by focusing on how I can selflessly add value to their lives. I will increase the value of what I offer them.
  11. I focus on learning new things and improving my skills daily and I commit to reading at least one or two new books every month.
  12. I continue to develop knowledge about my service and I read industry newsweekly to stay ahead of my competition.
  13. I increase my group volume every month because I’m committed to the constant and never-ending improvement as well as the action necessary for constant volume growth.
  14. I dedicate time each week to nurturing my relationships with my customers and team members and I generate tons of repeat business as a result.
  15. I’m committed to empowering my team to knowledge and skills that I learn so that they can self sufficiently attain any level of success that they wish.


  • Visualize the specific actions and short term goals, to become a reality.
  • Don’t visualize the results – the car, the house, crossing the finish line, standing on stage.
  • Focus on the necessary actions.
  • Visualize myself taking the actions, especially those I resist and procrastinate on.

Example – don’t like running, but commit to a 52km run. He visualized lacing up his running shoes, heading out to the pavement, with a smile on his face and a hop in his step. So when it was time to train he programmed the experience to be positive and enticing.

Example – as an entrepreneur, visualize yourself having fun and having light conversations with prospects during sales calls, spend time imagining my presentation with my prospect, what does it look like, how does it feel as I develop a great relationship. Picture myself responding to objections and questions. I can pick any skill that I may not be performing at my best yet. To envision success will almost ensure a successful day.


Visualize right after affirmations – Best time!

  1. Get ready – some people play soft musical music in the background [JS Bach]. Sit tall and comfortable, close eyes, clear mind – let go of any imposed limitations.
  2. Visualize what I really want – forget about, limits, logic and being practical. If I can reach any heights personally and professionally. What would that look like?
  3. Visualize my flawless execution. Begin to see myself doing precisely what I need to do to achieve my vision. Do it with supreme confidence and enjoying every step of the process. See myself engaged in the action I will need to take – exercising, riding, selling, presenting, public speaking, making laws, sending emails, etc. picture me with the look of supreme confidence as I pitch that capital firm, to secure funding. See myself smiling as I run on the treadmill and filled with a sense of pride for the discipline to follow through. In other words – visualize myself in the midst of flawless execution. For my determination as I persistently take action and make progress on the project I’ve been putting of for far too long.
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