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Ciska Scheepers
Ciska Scheepers

So where do I start…….I guess at the beginning of one of my greatest changes, that actually lead to this whole concept of “Chuck you Junk”. I’ve been doing nails for about 9 years and I was getting bored with it. Don’t get me wrong. I love doing it and seeing my clients face when they are so happy with their set of nails, but there was no challenge in it for me anymore.

So I was contemplating what I really want to do. For me it has to be something that I can easily add or incorporate into my existing salon. I did a bit of thinking and research, as I was not totally sure which direction I was heading.

We went to a family get together of my husband’s and there I stood chatting to his cousin’s wife, who just finished a Therapeutic Reflexology course. It intrigued me to no end. She gave me all the details on how and who to contact.

I was so excited, as this actually made so much sense to me. Firstly……I love working with feet and I have been doing pedicures for about 1]9 years and never get tired of it. Secondly…….I have a special fondness of Reflexology, as it assisted me in falling pregnant, after battling for 4 years to fall pregnant, because I had O-negative blood type, low progesterone and polycystic ovary syndrome [lazy ovaries]. My gynecologist said that I will not fall pregnant by myself and without help through injections.

So here I am today and I had an extremely healthy pregnancy and 14 years later, a very healthy daughter. So I truly have a very strong believe in the benefits of Reflexology.

So I enrolled for the 2 year course. This was no easy task, as I had a 4 year old to take care of, while still running my salon and then doing classes, exams, and assignment. It was tough going, but when I start something that I really belief in, I do not quit.

So here I am 8 years later, practicing Therapeutic Reflexology full time and loving every moment.

And that’s not the end of it. Reflexology put me on a path of rediscovery of who I am, who do I want to be, how can I help people more……

So through wanting to be and do the best for my patients, I started implementing rituals/exercises to my daily routine and it made a huge difference.

So much so, that I often get people asking me, how do I cope, how do I keep a smile on my face, how do I just carry on and on and where do I get all this energy. Seeing that I run a household, doing my own washing, cooking, having a maid only 3 times a week, having my mom and mom-in-law staying with us, running 4 businesses, having a teenager [that alone is enough for any mom to not cope……hahaha] having my step daughter move back into my house with her son of 3 years old……..and the list goes on and for most of us our list look like this!!

So this really made me think, that it is time for me to share my “Secret” with everyone.

And that brought me to put together the “Chuck your Junk” program for Ladies. My hope and wish is to help you clear your mind, find yourself, relax, have fun and get everything you need to cope better with your day to day stresses.

So now you know my story. Thanks so much for allowing me to share it with you.

Breath in the good shit , Breath out the bull shit

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Susan van Rensburg
Susan van Rensburg

Awesome,awesome,awesome! It brought light on a very sore subject. We laughed so,so,so lekker, learned and got to think. I recommend it for any lady who can put some time aside for herself and if you can’t………MAKE a plan

Natasha Roos

Thank you Ciska for a inspirational, fun day, I have learnt so much and will use all the tools you have shown me.

Tersia van Staden
Tersia van Staden

The workshop I attended at Ciska, helped me a lot in the way of getting rid of your mental baggage. Her caring for others gave me more confidence in her. Her warm smile and easy manner was very comforting. I don’t regret the session or what I experienced. I will recommend this to every women.

Tammy Crickmore

Thank you Ciska for a lovely day, it was an amazing day and learnt so much.

Marilize Paixao
Marilize Paixao

I was open and willing to learn new techniques that I can implement in my life on my current personal development journey – and I got just that! New ideas and ways to improve my health, well done Ciska and thank you for all of the special treats and awesome gifts! xxx

What We Can Do For You?

1:1 Consultation & Treatment

Through Therapeutic Reflexology we look at the whole body and lifestyle, such as eating - sleeping - medication - breathing - supplementation.

Health Analysis

80% of illness and disease are self inflicted, through our lifestyles. Let us assist you to get to know your body better and understand what is happening.

Balanced Body & Mind

The only way to have a forfilled life is to balance the mind and the body to have optimal life performance and enjoyment. This is possible through a combination of Reflexology sessions and our workshops.

Online Analysis or Consultation

Cannot get to me. Lets do it Online

Public Speaking

Let's help your audience to take something home to be able to cope with stress better, both mind and body.

Group Sessions

Via our interactive workshops, we open up discussion so you can see you are not alone with some issues and see how we help you to resolve the blockages in your life.

For R50 only!

  • 90min Hour Chuck your Junk Workshop
  • Simple Tools to help you cope with day-to-day stress
  • Monthly workshops
  • What to expect - Candle Meditation, Balloon Release, Relaxing Breathing Technique, Sing Along Song, Movie fun
  • Great for Woman, Men & Teens
  • Special to be announced for 6 hour workshop


  • 6 Hour Chuck Your Junk workshop
  • Weekly inspiration, tips, laughter and lots more
  • Bimonthly workshops
  • Treatments - Awaken Inner Silence, Nat. Vit.D Boost, Grounding, Burning release, Tea Tranquility, Breathing Techniques, Complimenting Exercise, Affirmations, Nat. Face Lifting
  • Extras incl. - Workbook, Reflexology voucher, C-Beads, Light Lunch
  • Available to you if you attended the 90min workshop.
  • Half price if you want to attend one again

Hour to Empower sessions

From R275/pm
  • 1 Hour group session
  • 3 Times per week
  • Includes - Meditation, Affirmations, Visualizations, Scribing, Mirror Moments, Love & Appreciation minutes.
  • Get personal, guided assistance.

Come colour in with other ladies, while relaxing and having lots of fun

- Colour Hour R50 - once a month [no children] Booking is essential as we have limited seating!

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